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11 Mar

Chronic illness cat


Chronic illness cat, you speak the truth.

Gentle hugs,



Here’s to rest.

28 Dec


Wishing you all a restful weekend.

Gentle hugs,


An awesome giveaway with a twist!

15 Jun

My style has always been a little off-kilter, and I love dramatic and humorous touches to an outfit. That’s one of the reasons I love Peach Plum Pear. My new friend, Leslie, is the mastermind behind pieces like the Oregon Trail necklace:

SALE - You Have Died of Dysentery - Gold Wagon and Tombstone Oregon Trail Charm Necklace


I can’t count how many times I died of dysentery on that game …

She also makes some really beautiful jewelry, like this Art Nouveau statement necklace:

Frenchy Lux-  Art Nouveau French Ornate Floral Statement Necklace with Vintage Medallion, Aqua Blue Rhinestone Jewel, and Bird Charm

Isn’t it lovely?

What’s that you say?

You must see more?

Well, you were probably lured in by the title of this post, so I’ll get right to it.

Head on over to Coco and Cocoa’s blog for her $40 gift card giveaway to Peach Plum Pear!

If you don’t win the giveaway, or if you just can’t wait for someone else to snag your favorite piece, do not passgo:


Now, for the twist. By entering and sharing the giveaway, you not only get a chance to wear one of Leslie’s unique creations, but you’ll also be contributing to a great cause. Leslie is a member of the chronic health issue club, who’s been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and other illnesses, as well as adhesions. Adhesions are really painful sheets of scar tissue that can bind nerves and other tissue, in her case, part of her digestive tract, together. Adhesions act like a glue that can cause severe pain, obstruction, and other debilitating symptoms. To learn more about them, go here. Unfortunately, the type of surgery Leslie needs to relieve her of those terrible symptoms is only available in Germany, so she’s raising money for the trip and procedure by selling her awesome jewelry. So, please pass the giveaway and shop info along, and help Leslie reach her goal – she has $19,399.00 left to go! (To donate directly to Leslie, visit her Go Fund Me page.)

Gentle hugs,


Pet Peeves

22 Oct

I don’t know where the term came from, but “pet peeve” sounds so much cuter than the meaning. Those little, annoying, grating things … to paraphrase some well-written Incubus lyrics, it’s like chewing tin foil.

My list of pet peeves is pretty small. It used to be bigger, but then I grew up, and all that angst and anger at the world started to fade. I’ve always been a “why can’t we all get along” kind of girl, anyway. So, short as the list may be, here it is.

1. People who have a blatant disregard for rules, or think that they don’t apply to them.

Obviously, this one isn’t black and white. Rules can and should be bent or broken when the need arises, but all in all, rules are pretty important. It especially bothers me if someone is breaking a rule that’s meant to keep people safe. The teenager riding his skateboard the wrong way down the middle of a street lane, for instance, got a honk and a call to 911, because his response to my honk made it clear that he didn’t intend to stop. It especially, especially bothers me if the person doing the rule breaking is older than a teenager and should know better and who’s brain development and hormones should have leveled out enough by now to control the impulse even if they do know better. Obey traffic signs, please, people.

2. Loud snorting.

This one is much more specific. There are not many things that make my stomach churn, but snorting makes the list. I’m not talking about cute, funny snorts as the result of a laugh, or a sniffle with a cold. I’m talking that deep-down, sinus rattling, loogie inducing, why the heck is that necessary snort. You obviously have an unbalanced mucus to sinus cavity ratio and are in serious need of some Flonase or Mucinex. Please seek help.

3. When people say they “hate” something every few minutes.

If you’re agreeing with me about how bad something is, and you say, “Yeah, I hate that,” ok (and thank you for agreeing with me.) If you really, truly dislike something, hate is a nice, descriptive word to get your point across. If you hate everything and nearly everyone, however, and feel the need to voice it constantly, we cannot be friends. Even if you’re just saying you hate them when you really don’t. People who say they love everything may be annoying, but it’s much better than hating everything. Hate. Ick.

4. That I can only hear one or two notes of the music you’re playing in the other room or car.

I get it. You’re enjoying playing or listening to one of your favorite songs. I LOVE music. However, when it’s loud enough that I can hear it across a building, or on the road with all windows rolled up, but not loud enough so that I can hear most of the notes/beats, it drives me up a wall. Hearing the same one, two, or three notes out of an entire song is maddening. Even if I know the song, and can substitute what I can’t hear in my head. Bonkers, I tell you.

So, that’s about it. Nothing else I can think of has a big enough impact to mention. What are your biggest pet peeves?

Gentle hugs,




Pumped up kicks (fibro style.)

16 Sep

If you have any kind of chronic pain, chances are, shoes (or the lack thereof) are a big part of your life. The tallest heel I can wear anymore is about an inch, and even then I can only wear them when I’m going to be sitting down the majority of the time. So, my sandals, my flat, Keds-style sneakers, and my bare feet are what I put on my feet most often.

When I was a kid in elementary school, it was popular for the girls to get a little crafty with their sneakers. Neon puff paint was the obvious choice, but if you had the allowance a Bedazzler was the way to go. Then, in high school, any sporty girl who wanted to raise money for her team of choice or show spirit for her school learned how to tie scraps of fabric (in spirited colors, of course,) to flip flops and make them snazzy. Now, I’m not saying I support the sudden and unnecessary resurgence of neon, or that I ever liked the flip flops that were big on the flops, but you may want to break out the Bedazzler, folks, ‘cuz this trend is coming back! No need to torture yourself with sky-high heels, either, because, with a little DIY, flats can be sassy, too.

Exhibit A:

The Stud.

The same thing could be done with cool buttons or cabochons.


Exhibit B:

The Sparkle.

Think of the possibilities! These things are like tiaras for your feet!


Exhibit C:

The Intergalactic.

Dude, whoa. These look way more complicated than they actually are. Sponge on some paint and put random silver dots all over it.


Exhibit D:

The Quick Change.

This is my next DIY project. Don’t have access to shoe clips? How about clip-on earring bases? Don’t like bows? Cut out felt shapes in different colors, stack them together and glue. I’m thinking superhero action bubbles (bam! pow!) would be awesome, too. You can get as crazy as you like, because these babies just come right off when you’re tired of them!


And finally, Exhibit D:

The Big Faker.

For those of us who mourn the loss of our high heeled friends daily. These would be SO easy to DIY if you’re confident in your basic drawing skills. No paint needed – grab a Sharpie in your favorite color, buy a cheap pair of hi-tops from Payless, and get to doodlin’.

Gentle hugs,




Grief and pancakes.

11 Aug

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.

Oh yeah, and large amounts of bread-y breakfast foods.

Today is the first official day of our 2-week break from the Tri C (even though we still need to clean it,) and my husband from school. Not from life, of course. Darn it.

Tom finished his last summer final on Thursday, so yesterday he decided to host a humongous pancake breakfast for UTA students here at the center. The pancakes were many. As were the piles of bacon and turkey bacon, plus the giant bowls of a variety of fruits, and industrial sized jugs of syrup. As I’m typing I’m wondering if there are any left over for me to eat for dinner …

Anyway. I helped a bit with the preparation, but my dear husband let me sleep in so that all I had to do was come out and eat with friends. Then I went back inside the apartment to work on some painting and plan a little date for the two of us involving all the spare change I could scrounge. The date included dollar menu items and a beautiful local park. complete with sub-100 degree temperatures!

Breaking from the fun, I’d like to mention that since the beginning of the month (well, really all the time,) I’ve had the death of my aunt looming just behind the everyday thoughts. So, whether I’ve been conscious of it or not, it’s affected my mood and my physical health considerably. Now, since I’m in a flare up, the brain fog has gotten worse, and I can barely even track the day of the week, let alone the actual date.

It’s probably for the best, because today I woke up thinking it was the 10th. Even though I distinctly remember looking at my phone for the date to write on a bill I paid yesterday. Denial is a river in Egypt. So, I woke myself up early this morning to do one of my favorite things (though I’m sure I didn’t appear particularly thrilled with life to my perkier than is natural, morning-happy husband.) I got dressed up! Today’s church luncheon in honor of the ladies of the “Greatest Generation” (nicer than “We’re Not Sure How We Made It This Long,” though I’m sure a few of those witty ladies would appreciate that title, too) was a lovely excuse to wear my newly thrifted green dress. Tom commented that it reminds him of a vintage nurse’s uniform, and I have to agree. I also got to wear the beautiful black Austrian crystal necklace a sweet friend gave me on Thursday. I put on my peep-toe shoes and headed for church, ready for whatever my friends needed me to do, since I wasn’t able to participate in the planning. Ice was scooped into cups and fancy, tearoom style dishes were plated. There were decorations in pink and gold, and couples even brought their Keurig coffee machines to grace the drink table. The honorees were so appreciative, and we were all glad to learn more about them. It really was a beautiful event; a new tradition I hope will be carried on for years to come to honor more women.

After helping with cleanup, I stopped by a few local businesses to leave flyers for next week’s fashion swap. Then I headed home, changed into comfy clothes, sat down, and it hit me. Today isn’t the 10th, it’s the 11th. Mom and I bought some silk flowers a few days ago to arrange and put on my Nana’s grave in honor of her and my aunt, since we don’t have a grave site to visit for her. I called my mom to see how she was doing and to see if she wanted to take the flowers to the cemetery, and we decided we’d do it tomorrow when Tom and I come over for lunch.

It’s all the same when you can’t remember the date, right?

Gentle hugs,


Undergarments = torture devices

5 Aug


Can I get an amen?

Gentle hugs,