Pumped up kicks (fibro style.)

16 Sep

If you have any kind of chronic pain, chances are, shoes (or the lack thereof) are a big part of your life. The tallest heel I can wear anymore is about an inch, and even then I can only wear them when I’m going to be sitting down the majority of the time. So, my sandals, my flat, Keds-style sneakers, and my bare feet are what I put on my feet most often.

When I was a kid in elementary school, it was popular for the girls to get a little crafty with their sneakers. Neon puff paint was the obvious choice, but if you had the allowance a Bedazzler was the way to go. Then, in high school, any sporty girl who wanted to raise money for her team of choice or show spirit for her school learned how to tie scraps of fabric (in spirited colors, of course,) to flip flops and make them snazzy. Now, I’m not saying I support the sudden and unnecessary resurgence of neon, or that I ever liked the flip flops that were big on the flops, but you may want to break out the Bedazzler, folks, ‘cuz this trend is coming back! No need to torture yourself with sky-high heels, either, because, with a little DIY, flats can be sassy, too.

Exhibit A:

The Stud.

The same thing could be done with cool buttons or cabochons.


Exhibit B:

The Sparkle.

Think of the possibilities! These things are like tiaras for your feet!


Exhibit C:

The Intergalactic.

Dude, whoa. These look way more complicated than they actually are. Sponge on some paint and put random silver dots all over it.


Exhibit D:

The Quick Change.

This is my next DIY project. Don’t have access to shoe clips? How about clip-on earring bases? Don’t like bows? Cut out felt shapes in different colors, stack them together and glue. I’m thinking superhero action bubbles (bam! pow!) would be awesome, too. You can get as crazy as you like, because these babies just come right off when you’re tired of them!


And finally, Exhibit D:

The Big Faker.

For those of us who mourn the loss of our high heeled friends daily. These would be SO easy to DIY if you’re confident in your basic drawing skills. No paint needed – grab a Sharpie in your favorite color, buy a cheap pair of hi-tops from Payless, and get to doodlin’.

Gentle hugs,





2 Responses to “Pumped up kicks (fibro style.)”

  1. Monique"s Fibro Community September 16, 2012 at 9:21 pm #

    I can not count th amount of shoes that I have had to give away and replace with flats… I never knew how much my shoes actually meant to me until they were gone… Great idea… Thanks…

    • Chelsea September 17, 2012 at 5:10 pm #

      Me, too, Monique! I held on to some of my heels thinking, “Well, maybe on days when I’m feeling well I can wear them for a couple of hours.” Seemingly insignificant things like bras, shoes, hairstyles, and even furniture mean a lot when it comes to fibro. These are some flashier examples of shoe bling, but you can paint a pair of shoes to look like bowler shoes, or make leather fringe to insert and line up with the lacing holes. The shoe clips have to be one of my favorites – you can use an old pair of earrings, even, and it can look really classy!

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