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21 Jul

The past several months have been busy! I got a part time job, quit said part time job, turned 29, Tom got fired and hired within a day, we went to Louisiana for a family reunion, I’ve been helping my mom find a new home (again,) and I’m planning a big chunk of a fundraiser for a family friend.

I worked briefly as a receptionist/executive assistant/personal assistant for a local insurance agent, but it didn’t work out. It was a favor for a friend, but what with Mom needing to get out of this apartment (from hell) a.s.a.p., and my own health suffering for it, I, along with the rest of my family, decided it would be best for me to quit. I’ve never had the luxury of just choosing to quit a job, since it’s almost always been because I needed to move or was laid off, so that was a new experience. It went well, and the boss told me to keep him in mind if I ever need a job in the future.

Tom also got a new job when his old boss lost a big contract with another company, and is working in construction. He gets to tear things up – it’s very cathartic. He also appreciates that he doesn’t have to think much or manage others, but gets to wear himself out physically. Plus, three day weekends!

Me, 29, and happy!

Me, 29, and happy!

I’m officially 29 years old, and I actually feel like it. I’m excited to be on the verge of 30, and to be learning new skills, like hooping and flow arts, and getting to dress creatively and make things. It’s good for my soul, and I’m in an okay place. I’m more consistently physically active, so my body is growing stronger, and I’m having fewer FMS flares. I feel like I’ve established a style, and learned how to dress myself like a good grown-up should. Seems like it’s going to be a good year!

Hooping my little heart out.

Hooping my little heart out.

Our trip to Louisiana to visit Tom’s family was fun and beautiful. We stayed in a cabin at Lake Claiborne that overlooked the lake. I got to play with nearly all of my nieces and nephews, who have grown so much since I saw them! It was a few days of good food, catching up, exploring the grounds, and very little social media – no TV, even though we had them in the cabins.

Our view from the loft bedroom in our cabin.

Our view from the loft bedroom in our cabin.

My mom is finally going to get out of the apartment complex that’s been going downhill for the past 3 and a half years since she moved in. The area has become more violent, and she’s had 3 different management companies, which means plenty of shiny new “issues” each time a new one takes over. I can’t wait to find a new place for her to live where she feels safe, and can have more privacy.


Lastly, this spring our friend Tammy was diagnosed with cellulitis (a skin infection) in her arm, which then spread to her back, and into her spine. When she went to the emergency room within 24 hours of being released from treatment, they rushed her into surgery to remove the abcess that had formed, and she is now paralyzed from the waist down. So, a bunch of friends have gotten together to plan a benefit, Tam Jam, to raise at least $15,000 to help offset the medical costs, and remodeling costs to make her home wheelchair accessible. My mom and I are in charge of the silent auction, so we’re scouring the metroplex for unique items, that will accompany an all-day concert filled with local musicians at South Street Patio in Arlington. I’m also in charge of promotion and social media, so I created a website, and maintain the FB pages. You can visit the site here.  It’s hard work, and I’m just hoping it pays off!

So, that’s what I’ve been doing these past few months. I hope to be posting much more often again now that I have a little more time, and I hope this finds you all well.

Gentle hugs,




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