Our bohemian fall.

15 Nov

The fall/Thanksgiving decorations are up! After stopping by Michaels and noticing these cute packages of little felt shapes meant as table scatter, I decided to make some garland, and put out some fall decorations. The weather is getting cool here in Texas – we had our first freezing temperatures overnight last night – and I can’t wait to make some new dishes for Thanksgiving this year.


You can see the garland, strung together with dark purple embroidery thread, on the mirror. I found the tablecloth when going through my dad’s cedar chest, and mixed some leaf shaped votive holders with ones I already had, along with some dollar store glitter pumpkins, and small white (real) pumpkins.


I use jewel tones year round, but especially around the holidays!



Our corner cabinet is filled with handmade fabric pumpkins, festive leaves, knicknacks, and, yep, more garland.



I strung a few strands of fairy lights along the back of our bookshelves, added more fabric pumpkins, and books in coordinating colors.

If I’m being honest, I also put up our new table top Christmas tree. I just couldn’t wait! It’s the only winter decoration I have up, and I’ll be decorating it up to Christmas, I’m sure. Here’s a sneak peek:


Wishing you all wellness in the cooler weather, and happiness this holiday season!

Gentle hugs,



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