5 Years Married – Giving Love a Good Name

11 Nov

Wedding 083

My husband and I have had a rough week. It’s been a week of arguing, sadness and mourning, revelations, and heartfelt conversations. We’re both drained, but – can you believe it? – happy. Friday was our 5th wedding anniversary, and although it didn’t go as we’d planned, we made sure it ended up being a great day. That’s something we usually manage to do together – help each other end the day on a good note. Since the 5th year’s traditional gift is wood, I bought us each a pair of chopsticks and carved our initials into the ends, and ’13 with a heart on each chopstick rest. We had a delightfully greasy brunch at Waffle House, browsed some thrift stores for furniture, ate sushi and yaki udon at our favorite Japanese restaurant, and rented “Now You See Me” to finish off the day, along with some wine and movie snacks. Pretty normal and low key.

Yesterday, since Friday’s celebration started later than planned, Tom took me to do something I’ve been thinking about for years. I got my nose pierced. There were some other sweet ladies getting theirs pierced, and we showed ours off and traded piercing stories (I have 7 in my ears, and my navel is pierced.) I have to say, it was much less intense than when I had my belly button pierced, but there was more initial and residual pain, although that’s not saying much. It’s just a bit sore, like a small bruise. I chose a tiny little spike, rather than the more usual rhinestone, only because I know I can easily find a rhinestone after the piercing heals.



After the piercing, which took all of ten minutes, we went across the street to a cute little diner for lunch, then down the street to peruse the local apothecary shop. I’m considering going back for a piece of amber jewelry. Lots of moms of teething babies swear by the pain relieving and healing properties of amber, so I wonder if it would do anything to help with FMS pain. If nothing else, it’ll be pretty!

All in all, we’ve had a lovely weekend, despite the stresses of the world. I’m so blessed that I’ve been able to spend the last five years with my best friend, and that we’re able to help each other grow as human beings, and as husband and wife. It’s the biggest, craziest learning experience I’ve ever had, and I wouldn’t trade a second!

Gentle hugs,



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