Only a few months until my favorite holiday!

29 Jul

Can you guess what my favorite holiday is?

Ok, really, this holiday is tied with Christmas, because I love Christmas decorations and cooking.


I know, Halloween’s not for everyone. I get why some people don’t celebrate it, but it’s a family tradition for me. It’s one of the few holidays that really allows for peoples’ creativity to shine through costumes and decorations, and the occasional fright is good for the metabolism! (Unless you have a heart or anxiety condition.)

Since I’m obsessed with making things by hand, saving money, and recycling what we already have, it takes me a while to prepare for such holidays. Of course, I’m not above visiting the dollar store, which is where I get quite a few of our decorations when I don’t have time to make them, and then I update them to make them our own.

I started getting excited this month when I realized that we have room for outdoor and yard decorations this Halloween, and visions of a graveyard began dancing in my head. We have a few beaten up styrofoam headstones that I bought from Dollar Tree several years back that have weathered the weather and needed some TLC. Generally speaking, I try to avoid using disposable products made from foam, because they don’t biodegrade. BUT – if you’re looking for decorations that will last years, foam lives up to your expectations. So, I started looking at grave stone silhouettes online, mixing and matching lines, and dove into our pile of moving boxes with my razor and pencil. Then I brought out the tacky and hot glue, and came up with these:


I glued the styrofoam “stones” onto my cardboard creations for dimension. Next up, they’re all getting a coat or two of grey acrylic paint mixed with that bag of sand in the photo. This is totally experimental, but I’m hoping it will give the stones a grainy, rough texture. Then I’ll paint details and glue on moss, and figure out where I want them to go. Since the cardboard will deteriorate in bad weather, I may put them on the patio come October, then move them to the yard a few nights before Halloween.

I used up all of my hot glue gun sticks putting these things together, so I stopped by Michaels a few days ago (which, by the way, really made me miss the fact that Dollar Tree didn’t have any for sale – they’re 4 times as much at craft stores!) and found an ornate wooden frame on sale for less than 3 dollars:


Immediately, I thought what a cool alternative to a wreath this pretty thing would make, so I brought it home and slathered on a couple of coats of glossy black paint. Then I remembered my stash of wooden plaques, and a cute pic I saw on Pinterest a few weeks back:

So funny!

This is a funny, clever sign, worthy of our front door, don’t you think?

The frame, though, is pretty fancy, so I needed to get a little fancy with my sign. I changed the verbage a bit to reflect the fact that we’re, well, a “we,” and free handed lettering inspired by the “Fiddums Family” font, and a skull inspired by a pattern on This is the end result:


Now all I need to do is attach ribbon so the sign can hang from our front door! The frame fits perfectly over the window on our door, and I couldn’t be happier.

Needless to say, I’ve got Halloween on the brain – do you? If you’re looking for more spooky inspiration, follow my “Every Day Is Halloween” board on Pinterest.

Gentle hugs,



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