The most difficult thing in life …

17 Jul
“The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.” – Thales
I forgot to take my camera to the reunion, so here’s a shot thanks to my alum-mate, Heather (left.) It’s hard to believe I’ve known Gabby (right) since we were in elementary school together!
Last weekend was my ten year high school reunion, and yesterday was my 28th birthday. So much has changed throughout my life, but yesterday I was thinking that most people I know never really feel their age. Parts of themselves feel older, parts younger, and there’s a sense of never really knowing if you’re a grown up yet. Much of me is still the same as it was in high school. I still like a lot of the music I listened to then, I still love to learn, read, write, and create things. I still have many of the same friends, and even some of the same insecurities. I still love Halloween and sweets and look pretty much the same physically. Now, though, I have a better sense of what I want to do in my life, and who I want to be. I’ve experienced more, learned more, and have had the chance to mentor friends younger than me, though I forget, sometimes, that I’m not their age anymore. I’m a little more out of touch with what teenagers are doing and thinking – how quickly that happens! I’m a married woman, for goodness’ sake.
A few days ago, my friend, Rachel, answered these questions and challenged everyone to answer them to learn a little more about themselves. So, I figured that now is the perfect time to do that; to see what my favorite things are now. Here are my answers – some will never change!Color: Darker shades of purple, turquoise, and olive green 
Drink: I drink lots of water!
Food: Right now, I love gyros and sugar snap peas, but I could live on anything cheesy – pizza, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches …  
Place: The living room in our new apartment.
Dream Travel Destinations: Europe (specifically England, Ireland, Scotland, and France,) Hawaii, and a tour of the United States.
Book/Currently Reading: Currently reading The Monster’s Corner: Stories Through Inhuman Eyes. It’s a collection of short stories by different horror authors.
Male Musician: William Fitzsimmons, Macklemore
Female Musician: Pink, Storm Large,
Band: Incubus, Pentatonix, The Black Keys, Florence + The Machine
Hobby: Singing, writing, reading, crafting, yoga
Nail Color: Toes: FuschiaRama by Wet N Wild; Fingers: Tickled Pink by Wet N Wild (Yay cheap nail polish!)
Morning or Night: Night! 
Movie: I can always watch “A Knight’s Tale,” “Serenity,” or “Stardust.”
Male Actor: I consistently enjoy most things with Johnny Depp or Bruce Willis.
Female Actor: Emma Stone, and Jennifer Lawrence (more for her real-life personality than anything.)

Also, for the record, pretty much any actor that’s worked with Joss Whedon.
Sign: Cancer
Guilty Pleasure: Cheesy romantic comedies, York Peppermint Patties, 90’s dance music
Favorite Flower: Mums (all kinds)
Dream Car: I would love to have a Mini Cooper, but that would be totally impractical.
Good Habits: Drinking water, being frugal and thrift/vintage/antique shopping, supporting local and small businesses, taking my makeup off before I go to bed, and learning to say no.
Bad Habits: Picking at my skin, causing myself anxiety by obsessing over things, eating too much sugar, and taking on more than I should.
Dream House Style: It varies as far as the architecture is concerned, but inside would be colorful and eclectic: a bit bohemian, a bit vintage, a bit dark and/or whimsical.
Move or Stay Put: Stay put. 
Need to make more time for: Working on the business with my mom, exercise, and traveling.
Currently Working on: My health, my marriage (readjusting after mission work,) and creating a better at-home work schedule.
There you (I) have it! If you decide to answer these questions for yourself, take note of what’s changed, and what took you a while to answer. I always have a hard time with “favorite” questions involving music, since my tastes differ from day to day. Food questions are easy, though, because of my undying love for anything cheesy. I look forwarding to seeing what changes within the next ten years. 
Gentle hugs,

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