Burly men in skirts, rats, fire and mead, oh my!

23 Apr

The hubs and I made our yearly trek to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival over the weekend. We’re fortunate enough to have a friend who’s working there this year, so we were able to score free tickets. We walked our little tushes off, ate decadent faire food, and were thoroughly entertained!

I wasn’t able to take as many photos as I would have liked, but at least I get to share all the cute animals we encountered! The rats from Cirque du Sewer were very friendly. The Highland Games were impressive (who doesn’t enjoy men in kilts lifting heavy objects?) and the Kamikaze Fireflies put on a wonderfully funny and dangerous show full of fire, acrobatics, hooping and juggling.

The food was delicious, with the exception of the Scottish egg, which had a slight hint of tea tree oil … this is what you get when you mix copious amounts of natural products with food vendors. Tom purchased a couple of bags of sugared pecans and almonds for himself, and I found a pretty ear cuff to wear. I also found a little something for my mom, but she reads this blog, so, sorry, Mom! You’ll just have to wait for your present.

Of course, I’ll be paying for our little excursion for a while (we walked a good 3 miles or so on gravel and muddy grass,) but we had a good time, and, thanks to some effective sunscreen, we’re sunburn-free. If you’re in the DFW area, I highly suggest making it out to one of the themed weekends. There are scooters for rent, and lots of beautiful handmade canes for sale, if you need a little boost making it around the park. There’s plenty to experience just by sitting and watching the fun happen all around you!

Gentle hugs,



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