Get your short on – how hair can change a life

10 Apr


A while back, I wrote about why I decided to cut my hair very, very short. (I also recently dyed it purple, but that’s a different story.) Since I’ve made the decision to stay on the short side, it’s impacted my life so positively that I encourage others who see it and say they love it, but that they couldn’t pull it off. There’s a short style out there for everyone, and, for me, it means I have less head and neck aches, and don’t get overheated as quickly during the summer.

I’ve had my hair this short before, though not this hairstyle, so I didn’t have much anxiety about the cut being unflattering, or about letting go of my long locks. For others, though, cutting off hair can be an emotional experience, especially when the norm is still that long hair is a sign of femininity and youth. So, if you’re thinking about getting a short cut, I’ve found two of the best ways to ease that anxiety are to find a cut you really love, then cut it for a cause!

Here are some short hairstyles I think are flattering, feminine, and just plain awesome:

Milla Jovovich Hair

Natalie Imbruglia

suicideblonde:Drew Barrymore photographed by Herb Ritts, 1993

The 20 Hottest Hairstyles of 2011

victoria beckham bob 04

If you’re not sure which short cut is right for your face shape or style, utilize the help of an honest friend or family member and a good stylist. You can go to to upload a picture of yourself and try on new virtual hairstyles for free!

Most people have heard of Locks of Love, who take donated hair and make wigs for children with illnesses that cause hair loss. Many salons will give discounts on your cut if you’re donating to them, but you may not have enough hair to donate (or be able to wait long enough for it to grow.) There are other organizations, though, like St. Baldrick’s, who, if you’re feeling brave, host head-shaving events to raise funds for childhood cancer research. My friend Erin has shaved her head a couple of times now for the cause, and she proves that bald is beautiful! There’s also Matter of Trust, and organization that, among other things, collects hair clippings to use to soak up oil spills. Another hair-related charity, specifically for men, called Movember, encourages men to begin each November clean shaven, and grow (sometimes elaborate) mustaches to help bring awareness to testicular and prostate cancer. Our friend, Joshua Sidin, founded a local organization called Moustache Brothers to fund male-related diseases, specifically testicular and prostate cancer, and they participate in Movember every year. My husband has personally participated in the event, and has since become known for his mustache!

If you’re thinking about cutting your locks for health reasons, for charity, or for aesthetic reasons, (or all of the above!) I encourage you to wear your short hair with pride!

Gentle hugs,



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