Easy things to repurpose this spring!

2 Apr









I don’t know if you’re into the spring cleaning thing like I am, but, it can be a little stressful. For me, it’s not so much the cleaning that’s daunting, or boxing up things we no longer need, but finding a place to donate or dispose of those things. Unfortunately, we don’t have the best recycling opportunities where we live, and I’m also sentimental person, so it’s easy for things to get a little cluttered. With a little creativity, and maybe an even smaller amount of money, though, you can turn your trash into something useful to justify keeping , give to someone else, or even sell if you’re feeling entrepreneurial.



A colander is a perfect choice for a planter – they’re shatter proof and self-draining!


This was a huge “duh” moment for me. Use this little scoop as a mini dustpan, a scoop for dog food or other dry items, or as a spade.


I’m sure this book display could inspire other tool-related ideas.


This just cracks me up! Sure, it takes a certain aesthetic, but if you have an old painting that’s a little worse for wear, why not touch it up with a little monster love? Unicorns frolicking through a Bob Ross inspired meadow, anyone?




This scarf goes beyond turning your old t-shirt into some other kind of top. You can highlight your favorite parts (or less damaged parts) of your favorite shirts with basic sewing skills.



I already have a thing for colored glass and vases, but most of us have a generic clear vase or two that came with a flower delivery, and this is a really easy way to update them.




Do you have kids? Have they outgrown their wooden blocks? Dip ’em in paint and screw those babies into the wall for instant storage space. (Just a thought – you could also use blocks of the same length as feet for a jewelry box or anything else you’d like to elevate.)

Take a second look at the things you’re not using and brainstorm, or search on Google or Pinterest for an afternoon of time-sucking fun!

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2 Responses to “Easy things to repurpose this spring!”

  1. vjstracener April 3, 2013 at 1:24 am #

    Those are some great ideas


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    […] other day on my other blog, Chelsea, Like England, I wrote a post about easy upcycling projects you can do around the house as you do your spring […]

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