Newbie Nail Art

15 Jan

Ok, Pinterest, I get it. There are about a billion ways I can paint and decorate my nails, but I’m not always feeling like Picasso, here. I’ve been painting my nails since I was in junior high, so I have your basic one-to-two color technique down, but all those crazy designs you have to offer are going to take some practice.

Last night, though, I felt like gettin’ funky with my nails, so I took the cute little nail rhinestones my mom gave me and went to town.

Cascading, multicolor rhinestones in various shapes. Because I can.

Cascading, multicolor rhinestones in various shapes. Because I can.

That’s not the best picture (webcam,) but you can definitely see that there are a bunch of different shapes and colors “falling” down my ring finger. I repeated the same pattern on the other hand, so that it’s not quite so random. I’m feeling a little Rainbow Brite, to be honest with you – my nails make me smile!

All I did was a base coat of very pale pink, fast-drying polish, then a layer of regular clear polish on my ring fingers. Using the pointy end of an orange stick (you can also use a toothpick,) I dipped it in the clear polish and stuck the shapes on individually. This really isn’t as tedious as it sounds, and your hand doesn’t have to be super steady, thank goodness. Then, one more coat of the regular clear coat on top of the stones, and a swipe of fast drying clear coat on all my nails. Tadaa!

Gentle hugs,



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