DIY Tutorials: Transform a Mirror

28 Jul

We bought a large and inexpensive mirror several years ago that wasn’t in the greatest shape when we got it. After a few moves, the corners are a bit banged up and the “wood” is scratched. The finish is cherry wood-ish, so a while back I thought painting it red might do the trick.  The paint barely even showed. It went nearly a couple of years with 1/2 of the frame painted red, and no one noticed. So, a few weeks ago, I decided something a little more bold was in order. Metallic purple and gold paints it was!


The proof of my perpetual crafty mess is reflected at the bottom. 🙂 I’m happy with the way the mirror turned out. It was a quick, simple project that was on par with the drama of my new mock valances.

There are tons of ways to update a mirror. I just slathered on some purple acrylic and brushed gold on the edges, but I you might consider using more unconventional techniques like these. (Click the images to link to the how-to.)

The plastic toy technique:


The silhouette technique:



The spoon technique:


The antique technique:


Actually, I think I may antique my newly painted mirror at some point … Anyhow, depending on the amount of work you’re able to put into your mirror project, you can achieve some pretty fantastic results!

Gentle hugs,



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