Who doesn’t wear pearls to do housework?

23 Jul

I’m finally getting rid of whatever the heck kind of “bug” decided to put the moves on my immune system at the end of last week, so I made my way to the pharmacy, then stopped across the street at the party supply store to see if they had any reasonably priced decorations I could use for next month’s fashion swap. I bought a jumbo pack of white tissue paper to get started on poms and other fluffy decor, a tablecloth, and I was just about to give up on finding anything mint green as I stumbled on some in the form of wrapping paper. That would have been satisfying enough, but I rounded the corner to find June Cleaver themed napkins that say “Who doesn’t wear pearls to do housework” on the front, and “Made from scratch is so overrated” on the back. I laughed out loud and picked them up, then rounded another corner and found matching pink polka dot napkins, and now my life is complete. This is going to be one cheeky little retro theme!


Now, speaking of wearing pearls to do housework, I rarely wear my pearls, but I have been rather handy around the house lately! My completed projects include a key/note rack with a vase, mock valances for our giant living room windows, a DIY lamp, painting an old mirror, making custom contact paper backing for our built-in bookshelves, and decorating our new (to us) shelf unit. Enough talk, though, here are the pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the next several posts, I’ll break down how I DIY’d the heck out of our apartment so you can, too. Today, I’ll start by telling you about our awesome Loomi light. I’m proud to have supported Loomi’s Kickstarter project to help the design team raise money to sell and distribute the unique light from an expired patent. I went to school and was friends with Lauren, one of the team members, and was so excited when I heard what she and her friends were doing! The Loomi kit comes with 30-something pieces made from durable cardstock that fit together like a really cool 3D puzzle. You can paint it, draw on it, punch holes in it, or do anything else you can do with paper. Of course, if you would rather have the lamp made from a different material like, say, milk carton plastic, you can do that, too, by tracing the design and cutting out the pieces yourself. I used watercolors to paint my Loomi, and, while I love it just the way it is, I plan to draw tentacles as if a cephalopod is trying to work its way from the inside out. When the light is assembled in the globe version, it resembles waves of swirling water, so I thought that would be appropriate! Anyway, go check them out and order yourself one or two, then send pics of your finished creation to be displayed on their website or Facebook page. They’re cool like that.

Gentle hugs,



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