Footloose and fancy.

30 Jun

Soo, I went to my behavioral health doc yesterday (after a very bizarre encounter with a man outside the subcourthouse who thought his campaign against Obama would be strengthened by visual representations of him as Hitler, but that’s a story for another day!) I’ve been taking Elavil for the past 6 weeks, which I guess is technically a new drug for treatment of my anxiety, but I took it in combination with Tegretol to control my seizures. So, fortunately, I’m familiar with the side effects, the way it makes me feel, etc. I also know that I’m not violently allergic to it – thank you random dyes and ingredients. It seems to be helping with sleep, which is good, and the grogginess is finally evening out. So, we decided to stick with the 25mg and see each other in a few months, because I told him I wanted to start using physical activity to manage my anxiety and pain.

I made a commitment here on my blog to start a regular yoga practice again, and I have to be honest and say that the Elavil kicked my booty enough that, combined with Fibro, I only had enough energy to get me through a bare minimum daily routine that required way more sleep than anything. So, my doc, along with my dear readers and my exercise-happy husband are now all holding me accountable. Hopefully that, along with the hope of being healthy, will be the motivation I need!

I also told the doc that I’d like to start taking supplements like fish oil again, and he gave me some great info. Not only does fish oil help lubricate joints, it helps lubricate the mind. He said that people who take fish oil have less chance of developing alzheimer’s, and have better all-around cognitive functioning than those who don’t take the supplement. Well, that’s just freakin’ awesome, ‘cuz I’ll take all the brain power I can get!

Something else I’ve really been wanting to do again is take dance classes. I LOVE to dance. It doesn’t feel like a workout for me, so it’s a natural choice, and goes well with a yogic lifestyle. (When I was doing yoga all the time, strangers would ask if I was a dancer.) Plus, “So You Think You Can Dance” is back, and if that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is!

Gentle Hugs,



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