Yoga pose of the week!

6 Jun

Last night, Tom and I babysat our friends’ little boy, and as we went out onto the balcony to play chalk, he squatted down into a perfect yogic squat. It influenced both of us to sit the same way, hips dropped low, back straight. It reminded me how much I love to sit that way!

“Malasana” can help strengthen your legs, stretch and strengthen your hips, help your posture and balance, and aid your digestive system.

The picture above illustrates the feet shoulder/hip width apart with elbows pressing into the knees and palms pressing into one another.

You can also simply squat (with feet closer together if that’s more comfortable) while you do an activity on the floor. I find that this is relatively easy to stand up from, rather that standing from a seated position. So, while you’re sorting laundry or playing with a child on the floor, this is a great pose to assume. Standing from this pose will strengthen your glutes!

Gentle hugs,



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