I live under a rock (a confession.)

2 Jun

In my immediate defense, we don’t own a television, and we haven’t for quite a while now. We’re catching up on old (I mean old) episodes of The X Files currently on Hulu, following a brief stint of Firefly – awesome! – and The Finder.

Unless you live under a rock like me, you’ve heard that creepily catchy song, “Call Me, Maybe,” this summer. I seriously just heard it for the first time. Just now. Not that I hadn’t seen the snarky remarks on Facebook, and I even read an article about how it’s becoming a trend to create “business” cards with the chorus lyrics. I just didn’t feel compelled to listen to it. Honestly, though, it’s pretty catchy and I don’t hate it.

See, I’m the woman who appreciates but doesn’t give a hoot about owning the latest technology or participating in the latest fads. I’ve always kind of done my own thing, and if I like a trend, it’s usually because I like it, not because everyone else does. I dress the way I want. No kidding – I had a shirt made out of a rice sack in Jr. High that I wore holes in, and a pair of iridescent blue and orange genie pants in high school. By college, no one even made fun of me anymore. Friends of friends would snicker and say, “Who is that crazy chick?” and the people who knew me would reply with “Oh, that’s Chelsea; she’s cool. Don’t mess with her. She doesn’t care what you think, anyway.” Or something to that effect. I do take into account what other people think, because that’s important. So, I’m kind and polite, but when it comes to personal preferences, that’s just what they are – personal.

Who cares if I don’t have a smart phone? Well, to be truthful, I’ve been thinking of getting one for the business, but not because I want to play Angry Birds. Who cares if I like pop music? Just because I like hard rock doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the sticky sweet lyrics and catchy beats. I occasionaly sing Hanson songs to myself, okay? I also like hip hop, but I’m very aware that I only have a small amount of swagger. I’m also a big nerd, but I guess I’ve been considered moderately popular for a while now. Life is complicated. People are complicated. Labels are only natural, because we humans like to be able to define things, but I’m warning you – it depends on what day, sometimes even what hour you catch me, as to how you’ll define me. I’m a bit of a chameleon. Not fake, just empathetic and eclectic. I tend to pick up new skills quickly and at least try to adapt to new environments. I’m also very determined; it’s how I got through every math class I ever took with mostly B’s. That’s just me, and it’s totally fine if it’s not you.

I read both bizarre and mundane literature, I believe in and pray to God, and I’ll stand up for your rights and civil liberties. I’ll stand up for you if you’re a complete stranger, not just because that’s what I hope you’d do for me, but because it’s what is right. It doesn’t matter if you dress the way I do, have the same skin color, believe in the same God, are a different age, or speak a different language.

So, I’m going to go listen to the music I like, wear my favorite t-shirt, and clean my home. You, whatever you do today, know that I love you just the way you are. Oh, and if you need someone to call a manger or supervisor, I’m so your girl. Just don’t ask me the date, or about the newest song or last night’s show. I don’t get to watch it until the day after, anyway.

Gentle Hugs,



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