Arthur Boorman’s inspirational story.

8 May

This post is under “I want a smile,” although it may give you a good cry! I’m inspired and humbled by this man’s story. And I bawled like a big old baby.

It’s so often that people have to take their wellness into their own hands when doctors don’t have the answers. His story is a testament to determination, faith, and the amazing ways the human body can work and heal when we don’t give up on it.

Off to do a little yoga now.

Gentle hugs,


P.S. – If you would like to check out the instructor/program Arthur used, here’s the website. I have to say, the videos are a little corny, but the guy is an ex pro wrestler, haha. It’s not the type of yoga I’m use to (DDP only incorporates some yoga postures, and there are lots of traditional yoga styles to choose from) but I do know that ashtanga yoga has helped with my fibro pain, the joint pain caused by my hypermobility, and my energy level. I’m going to make a commitment right now to start a regular practice again, and I’ll log my progress on the blog!


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