Joss, let the record show I believed in you!

6 May

The hubs and my brother in law, James, and I all went to see “The Avengers” together yesterday afternoon. Are you a fan of action, great special effects, comics, muscly men, and/or fantastically witty humor? Go. See. It.

Most of the zingers are, of course, given to Iron Man. It’s only natural.

Some people doubted Joss Whedon’s ability to “take on” such a big movie, but I said “Psh!” Joss is a flippin’ genius, and he was the perfect director for the movie. “Thor” was a hit, ya know. You’ll be quoting lines for days.

I might be a little Joss biased, truth be told. I stil watch my Buffy DVDs, and will one day collect all of these series and movies: Angel, Firefly/Serenity, Dollhouse, and (for some reason I don’t own this) Toy Story.

Now I’ll also be collecting all of the movies leading up to “The Avengers,” including this one. I’m basically an adolescent boy right now.

Oh, oh! The “Frankenweenie” trailer! I’m also a big Tim Burton fan, and the preview of the animated version of “Frankenweenie” just made my day. If you’ve never seen the original short film, it’s worth the 30 minute watch. It’s a “boy and his dog” take on the classic Frankenstein tale. A la Tim Burton’s style, of course.

If you can’t go see it in theaters (I was wiped out by the end – the theater was packed, and the movie is a little long) be sure to catch it when it’s rentable. It won’t be on the big screen (unless you have one of those at home, ahem, jealous,) but it’ll be $1.30 as opposed to $7.50-$9.00. That in itself is almost worth the wait.

Gentle hugs,



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